Our restaurant is dedicated to the city of Marina which was the resort site of a bustling Greco-Roman port two thousand years ago. It is located on the northern coast of Egypt, catering to Elite Egyptians and many people all over the world.

Chef Adel- Professional chef for over 25 years. Well known for introducing Mediterranean recipes to local restaurants up until 2004 when he established his own restaurant.

How are we different?

Quality is our priority. We strive to use organic ingredients when available
We cater to all types of appetites. Every person follows a different nutritional path. You’ll find our vegetarian and vegan options as superb as the rest of the menu. We believe that diets do not work. Eating healthy is a way of life.

We aim to provide tasty Greek food, always at reasonable prices, prompt and courteous service in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Marinas Mission:

To impress our customers by providing them with the freshest, finest & good quality food at reasonable prices. Being authentic also means being a real part of our communities. We take an active, genuine role on a micro-local level supporting education, youth sports, healthful living, and the arts in all of our communities.